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Date and Time

Sunday, 21 June 2015   07:00 – 15:00 UTC (09:00 – 17:00 CEDST)

Bands and Modes

70cm (432 MHz) and above

A1(CW) and SSB(J3E)


Category A:        70 cm   (432 MHz)
Category B:        23 cm   (1,2 GHz)
Category C:        13 cm   (2,3 GHz)
Category D:        9 cm   (3,4 GHz, n/a in Austria)
Category E:        6 cm   (5,7 GHz)
Category F:        3 cm   (10 GHz)
Category G:        1,2 cm   (24 GHz)
Category H:        6 mm   (47 GHz)
Category I:        4 mm   (76 GHz)
Category J:        3 mm   (122 GHz)
Category K:        2 mm   (134 GHz)
Category L:        1 mm   (241 GHz)

Additional total scoring:

A total score for all bands (except 9cm/3,4 GHz) will be computed for participants who take part in more than one category on several bands.
Category winners get 100 points for the additional total scouring. Others receive points relative to their category winning score. (e.g. Station A is winner of Category G with 800 points and will get 100 points. Station B with 400 points Cat. G score receives 50 bonus points.)

Additional Rules

No single or multi operator categories. No portable category.

Each station can participate in several categories.

Multipliers: x1, that is 1 point/km in all categories

Log Submissions

All logs must be submitted by the second Monday after the end of the contest.

Logs must be submitted in EDI format to:


Plaques and certificates will be awarded to the three winning scores of each category (if more than 10 participants). 4th and 5th places will receive certificates. With fewer than 10 participants per category, winners will receive a plaque and a certificate. Places 2 to 5 will receive certificates.

All participants can generate individual prints of their certificates from the Alpe Adria Website.

Special award for rookie contesters (under the age of 25):

The highest ranking rookie score of category A will be awarded a plaque. Please mark your log PClub=YOUNG if you are eligible for this rookie category.

AA Contest Committee 2015

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